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Hey there! I'm Kelsie Woodhouse, Team Legacy Contest Prep and Lifestyle coach!

About me: I’m a married mama of two little ones, fueled by a love for health and wellness. I began competing in 2021, winning overalls at the local level. In 2022 I set my sights on an IFBB pro card. In 2023, I won another local overall then turned pro at Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh. 


Whether it was dance, professional cheerleading, krav maga, kick boxing or bodybuilding, I have maintained an active lifestyle through childhood, college, grad school, becoming a mother, working full time and all of life’s twists and turns.

I am passionate about helping others put themselves and their health first and am dedicated to helping individuals like you embark on a journey to achieve your fitness goals. You matter. Your goals matter and I am here to support you in reaching your potential.

Why Chose Me:

Practicing resolve and resilience on your fitness journey is a perfect way to exercise your character! I will help you work around obstacles and overcome barriers, not only achieving short term goals like competition prep, but entire lifestyle changes! This. Is. My. Specialty! Having GRIT is something you can apply in all areas of your life, particularly, in contest prep.

I believe in a responsible and holistic approach to fitness related goals. Anyone can spend a few hours a week in the gym, but cultivating a mindset that fosters sustainable habits is where real results happen.  I will hold you accountable. Obstacles will arise, but we don’t give up on ourselves and our goals. I will cheer you on and, together, we will work through challenges and celebrate all the victories, big or small.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, on your road to pro or a seasoned professional, I'm here to guide you through personalized programming, nutritional insights, and mindset strategies to help you achieve your goals and be proud of YOU. Let’s go!

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Chris Melancon, JD

How many people can say they're coached by an attorney? Chris Melancon, J.D., uses a mixture of research-based methods along with intuitive methods to make sure that my clients receive the best results. I like to create a very open environment between my clients and I, so they feel comfortable and they are willing to push themselves. I have always been drawn to those who need a little help, no matter how large the issue, I like to think this is why I became a Personal Trainer and attorney, representing common folk against massive insurance companies.


A little backstory on me: I competed in my first show when I was 18 in 2015, I then found Ryan in 2016 and together, I was able to place highly enough at a local show that enabled me to compete in the Teen, Collegiate, and Masters National Championships at the age of 19!  I attended Louisiana State University from 2015 to 2019, finishing with a B.S in Sports Administration with a concentration in Sports Commerce and a minor in Business. I then graduated from the Paul M Hebert Law School at Louisiana State University in 2022. I consider myself very detail oriented and I am committed to making someone’s situation better, no matter the goal. In late 2019, I was named a Difference Maker in the Community, by Dudley Debosier, the official Injury Attorneys of LSU Athletics for Team Legacy's work in the community and received a feature in Baton Rouge’s premier magazine 225.


 I have trained many individuals with varying goals, Including LSU/ NFL Cheerleaders, clients with POTS and Cystic Fibrosis,  as well as helping many NPC/IFBB pro men’s physique competitors present their physiques better on stage. I have also met people who may not be the strongest physically, but have absolute warrior mentalities, people who have dealt with extreme loss and still have the mental strength to continue pushing forward. These people have taught me more than I could ever teach them!

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